Making the invisible visible in rail and logistics

BaileyRail & Logistics is delighted to announce that it has entered a collaboration agreement with air quality monitoring specialists CompAir.

CompAir produces affordable, portable air quality monitoring devices that can be used in a huge variety of locations. The high-tech devices, which were developed through a ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnership’ with the University College London’s world-renowned Electronics Engineering Faculty, measure Particulate Matter, CO2, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), temperature and humidity. Reports and analysis are tailored to customer requirements, providing insight as well as offering the option of live reporting and text message alerts for breaches.

Jonathan Bailey, Managing Director of BaileyRail & Logistics, said: “We were very impressed by the CompAir product and could immediately see how it will benefit those working in logistics. The impressive technology with an air tracker device has undeniable benefits to a wide range of business applications. Its compact size results in a product which can be used in locations from depots and warehouses, right through to the driving cab of a train, road vehicle or site plant.

“The device can be used to monitor areas of potential concern, raising alerts so staff can be protected from breathing invisible toxins. It allows businesses to monitor their emissions and improve on their sustainability agendas. Many of our clients have expressed their desire to reduce emissions and improve air quality, but it’s not always clear where the problems lie. The CompAir product pinpoints these areas of concern, allowing businesses to adapt their operations where necessary.

“Health, safety and well-being of staff should be at the forefront of any company’s priorities, and we believe CompAir is a perfect solution for the rail and logistics industries.”

CompAir Co-Founder, Guy Monson, said: “CompAir is an affordable, portable air pollution monitor that can see, measure and reveal pollution, enabling everyone to work together to reduce it.

“The smallest particles (PM1) the device can see are just one micrometre (a millionth of a metre) in diameter – that’s seventy times smaller than the thickness of a human hair and deadly because, like viruses, they pass through our lungs and into our blood.

“With real-time data from a network of monitors, site workers can take instant remedial action to avoid exceeding air pollution limits before it causes harm to nearby communities.

“We’re very proud to be working with BailyRail & Logistics to bring our technology to the rail industry – which enjoys a reputation as being a greener transport option.”

BaileyRail & Logistics will be introducing the product to the rail and supply chain industries over the coming months.

Photo caption: Jonathan Bailey (Director of BaileyRail & Logistics), Guy Monson (co-founder of CompAir), Richard Bailey (Director of BaileyRail & Logistics) and Mike Coombes (co-founder of CompAir).

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