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We work with clients to advise, create and refine sustainable, cost effective and reliable supply chains by scrutinising every aspect and dependency within them.

Corporate social responsibility is fundamental to all organisations in order to operate their business in a way that provides a sustainable world for our future generations.

Logistics and supply chain account for the majority of carbon emissions for many businesses, whether upstream or downstream. In addition to this, supply chain costs can often equate to around 10% of an organisations total costs so, creating efficient supply chains and focussing on greener, modal shift opportunities can be the direct solution to these increasingly important challenges.

How We Can Solve These Problems

“Switching your freight from road to rail, can reduce carbon emissions by up to 78%”

“Reviewing supply chain de-coupling points creates greater robustness and performance levels in a fast moving and ever-changing logistics industry”

“Optimising supply chains realises direct cost and carbon reduction benefits to your

Passenger train at sunrise.

BaileyRail & Logistics offer clients a unique product covering all aspects of rail freight, logistics and supply chain management.

We focus on both upstream and downstream effects to create robust supply chains that link intricately to all internal functions, supplier requirements and customer demands.

Our team can add value to any organisation by thinking differently, working collaboratively and being customer first in everything we do.

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Training And Development 

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Modal Shift

Training And Development 

Planning and Timing

Project Management

Warehousing and Handling

What Our Customers Say

DFDS Seaways Plc: “BaileyRail provide DFDS with expert
advice and support for our rail related customer solutions.  Their industry knowledge
and network of connections allows DFDS to design bespoke customer solutions
quickly and professionally”

Andrew Byrne
Managing Director DFDS

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The most important asset of any organisation is its people. Having the right people in the right roles and investing in those people with training and development opportunities is the single, most important factor in having a successful business with a happy customer. Our team can scope and deliver training needs for bespoke industry requirements through individual competence and in collaboration with our dedicated partner organisations.

Our experienced and expertly skilled train planning and timing team can evaluate any train plan using integrated industry planning and timing systems. They will provide independent advice and proposals to highlight where improvements can be made whilst ensuring supply chains are optimal for the client. Every percentage point of efficiency gained on a current plan, delivers cost savings realised directly to the bottom line and carbon emission reductions, proportionally to the efficiencies gained.

Our team has a wealth of experience managing projects of all scales, ranging from individual systems changes through to multi-billion pound infrastructure projects. Whether it be regional, national or international, we have the skills to manage wide- ranging and complex projects, delivering to specific client needs by having an appreciation of the differing cultures and working practices.

Our team and close network provide clients with innovative warehousing solutions. Supply chains are evolving post-Brexit UK, with de-coupling points changing in both geographical location and level of importance. Whatever the client requirements, be that bulk warehousing, palletised warehousing or cold chain, our team can work with you to provide the bespoke solutions you require.

The critical link between different modes of transport is, without doubt, infrastructure. Having access to fit for purpose infrastructure that is in the optimal geographical location, offers a distinct competitive advantage. We work closely with clients to facilitate the identification and development of infrastructure sites to create this value-added product for their customers.

Modal shift is more than just changing from one mode of transport to another. True modal shift focuses on ensuring all modes of transport combine to offer the optimal solution for cost, sustainability and performance. We analyse supply chains and identify optimal blends of rail, road and sea to achieve a carbon friendly, cost effective and reliable solution.